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Please    Come    In....

    Welcome to my Home..I am Miyu and my quiet friend Larva..We welcome you
to explore this place if you like..Please Keep in mind that all I have here is borrowed images until I get some of my artwork scanned.I would appricate any data people could give me On this as I am new at it.
   Please feel free to e mail me with comment requests that sorta thing cause I am a artist and whould do commissions.
I hope to soon have some of my art work up.

Miyu's things of intrest

Character guide: I have a description for almost every here..those not yet up will be soon
Through the Glass Darkly: here is where i will be adding a fanfic section...
The anime turnpike's V section: here you can find Vampire anime

1313 the dark
Norfolk, japan 23503

This many people have entered the dark I don't know how many have left