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Shinma Lord and Companion

  This handsome man is a Shinma lord who was sent to become a leader
he watched the hunter of the shinma through out her younger years offering comfort to her when she is lonely.He falls in,love
with her and can not destroy her.
 her vampiric nature haveing awakened in her she takes his blood befor he has a chance to harm her.he could not get up the nerve to harm her
after taking her blood he becomes her servent.
 On the night Miyu was to become a Hunter he protects her being marked a traitor and his voice and face are sealed away.
 Larva is dedicated to Miyu even though he knows that she will one day have to return him to the darkness as well.
 He will protect her with his life and is very protective of the young woman he has loved so long.
   Larva has feathered light blue hair and his eyes go between purple and light blue.he is always dressed in a hooded cloak of a dark color either
brown,dark blue,tan or black. he is very attractive ij a dark sorta way with long claws
He always carries the mask with him.
 Quote: (to Lemures) Lemures can't you see her sadness?